Notice of Retirement

May 1st, 2018

Dear Parents and Patients,

I am writing this letter to inform you that effective August 31st, 2018, Dr. Munk and I will be closing our paediatric practice. The decision to retire has not been an easy one, and I do so with mixed feelings, as providing medical care to your children has given me many of the best moments in my life. However, after more than 40 years of practicing medicine, 34 of them in this office, the time regrettably has come. Let me take this opportunity to thank our amazing professional staff who have supported us and our patients with such competence, empathy and loyalty for so many years. I also want to thank Dr. Munk for our years of partnership; I cannot imagine working with a more wonderful friend and colleague. It has been an honour to look after your children, and I want to express my profound gratitude for the confidence that you have placed in me over the years.

I must also take the opportunity to advise you about certain practical considerations:

It is important for you to know that despite our sincere efforts, we have not been able to find successors to take on our practice. Therefore, it is very important for you to find a new healthcare provider in order to ensure uninterrupted care now and in the future. You can contact the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario for a suggestion of physicians accepting new patients in your area or contact HealthCareConnect, which provides similar information. For those families with older children I suggest you consult with your family physician and ask them to take on your children. We request that you do not call our office for advice about whom to take your children to, as we are unable to make any recommendations.

I have made arrangements with Records Management Ltd. for the storage and management of my patients’ medical charts. Every physician is required by law to keep the medical records for at least 10 years after the patient reaches the age of majority (18 yrs). Records Management Ltd., recognized by the Ontario Medical Association, will ensure the security and privacy of your children’s medical records, and will provide your new healthcare provider and you with an electronic or paper copy of their medical records upon your request. We can no longer see you in our office after records have been transferred; therefore, I recommend that you transfer your records at a time when you are certain that your children will no longer require any further visits to my office.

Beginning May 1st patient records from our office can only be transferred through Records Management Ltd. You may contact Records Management Ltd. by phone at 1-800-775-0093, or find them online at

My heartfelt thanks to all of you for the wonderful years of practice that I have enjoyed. Some of you who are now parents were also patients of mine as children. Whether we have been acquainted for many years or only in the past year or so, I have considered it an honour and a privilege to be of service to you. I have truly enjoyed coming to work every day and have always looked forward to doing what I could to take care of your children. It has been an absolute pleasure. I will miss you all dearly. Allow me to wish you all the best in the future.




Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why will Dr. Davy stop practicing after August 31st, 2018?

    Dr. Davy decided to close his paediatric medical practice due to retirement. The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) requires retiring physicians to notify active patients 3 months prior to the practice closure. Dr. Davy is giving longer notice in order to allow his patients to find a new health care provider for your child.

  2. Will Dr. Davy return to practice?

    No. Dr. Davy does not plan to re-open the practice at this time. That is why you are encouraged to find a new health care provider for your children.

  3. Can I still see Dr. Davy before the office closes on August 31st, 2018?

    Yes. Dr. Davy will continue to see patients until August 31st, 2018, as usual. Please keep your appointment, if you have one, or call the office to make an appointment if you need one.

  4. How can I find a new health care provider for my children?

    Dr. Davy recommends that you take your older children to your family physician. For younger children, you may be able to find another paediatrician through HealthCare Connect – a provincial government service that refers Ontarians who don’t have a physician to a family health care provider. You may also contact the CPSO for a suggestion of physicians accepting in your area.

  5. What will happen to my child’s medical records?

    Ontario paediatricians are required by law to store their patients’ medical records for 10 years after they reach the age of majority. I have made arrangements with Records Management Ltd. (recognised by the Ontario Medical Association) to store and handle all of my medical records after August 31st, 2018. They will also handle all transfers after May 1st, 2018.

  6. How can I obtain my children’s medical records?

    When Records Management Ltd. receives the attached consent form from you, they will scan and prepare a paper or CD copy of your children’s medical records in four to six weeks’ time and forward it directly to your new health care provider or you.

  7. What is the cost of the transfer of my child’s medical records?

    Records Management Ltd. will charge non-prohibitive fees for the service of copying and transferring patient records in paper or electronic form. All fees are payable to Records Management Ltd, as Dr. Davy will not be involved in this process at any time. The fees are as follows:

    – Single patient charts: $75.00

    – Two or more members of the same family, residing at the same address: $150.00

    If a patient has not had an appointment in the office for more than 8 years, an additional storage/retrieval fee of $100 will be charged. These fees are subject to HST and a shipping/handling fee.

  8. Can I request and obtain a copy of my medical records before August 31st, 2018, in case I find a new health care provider earlier?

    Yes. Please call Records Management Ltd. at toll-free number, 1-800-775-0093 and request a copy to be sent to your new doctor. Your file will be released from my office and transferred to Records Management Ltd. at that time. Please be advised that Dr. Davy will not be able to see you once you withdraw your children’s charts from his office. Do not request transfer of your children’s charts before your final appointment.

  9. What about my child’s Annual check-up booked with Dr. Davy?

    Dr. Davy will continue to see patients for Annual checkups and other appointments until August 31st, 2018.

  10. What about specialists’ appointments booked by Dr. Davy’s office before or after August 31st, 2018?

    When you see the specialist, whether it is for the first time or for follow up, please update them about Dr. Davy’s practice closure and provide information about your new health care provider. This will ensure that the specialist’s report will be sent to your new health care provider for review and follow up. You may also request copies of those reports for your own records.

  11. What should I do if I run out of prescription medications, and have not found a new health care provider by August 31st?

    For the time being, Dr. Davy will give repeats when you come in for prescription refills. If you run out of medications (before finding a new health care provider), please bring your children’s medications in their original containers to any walk-in clinic and see a doctor for the medication refill.

  12. What should I do if I cannot find a new doctor and my child needs to be seen after August 31st, 2018?

    You can always visit one of the paediatric walk-in clinics listed on my website under emergency and after-hours care.