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Dr. Till Davy works in partnership with Dr. Paul Munk. Both paediatricians have been affiliated with the Hospital for Sick Children and the University of Toronto for over thirty years and are well respected in the community. During this time, Drs. Davy and Munk have shared office space, worked closely together, and developed a caring and congenial partnership that benefits patients in both practices. The structure of the office is based on each paediatrician maintaining an independent practice. This provides continuity of care for patients in each practice. However, in the event of one doctor’s absence (i.e. holiday, illness, conferences) the other doctor provides care for his patients. The office’s team of nurturing and experienced staff enables Drs. Davy and Munk to provide service for their own and each others’ patients in an environment that is both caring and efficient.

Dr. Davy runs a general paediatric practice, providing well-baby care and annual check-ups (including immunizations), as well as sick visits for any reasons. He sees children from birth to their 18th birthday. Dr. Davy’s intake of new patients is restricted to newborns and patients specifically referred by their doctors for consultation. He also enjoys providing pre-natal visits for expecting parents. While Dr. Davy provides a wide range of paediatric consultation services, he has done extensive work helping children and their families with behavioral, developmental, and psychopharmacological care needs, and offers counseling to both children and their parents regarding these concerns.