New Patients


Dr. Davy is delighted to accept new patients within the following two categories:


  • At this time, Dr. Davy will be glad to accept newborn babies as new patients into his practice only if they are siblings of former patients in the office.
  • When your baby is born, the paediatrician on call for newborns in the hospital will examine your baby prior to discharge. Please call from the hospital to schedule an appointment to bring your baby to the office at the earliest possible time.
  • Dr. Davy expects to see your baby within 2 days of discharge from the hospital. It is very important that the paediatric care of the infant begins as soon as possible. If you are in the care of  a midwife, you may wish to continue to see her in the first six weeks. In order to ensure the best possible continuous care for your child, this care must be concurrent with Dr. Davy’s care.


  • Referrals are accepted from paediatricians and family physicians for any paediatric problem or concern. We will always do our best to see referred patients as soon as possible. Please be aware that there is often a considerable waiting list for patients referred for more complex problems (school, developmental or behavioural problems).